Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics focuses on body and facial sculpting procedures. We don’t offer every procedure you can find in a medical spa or in a regular spa or even a dermatology office spa or plastic surgeon’s office spa. We take our business seriously because we want only the very best results for you when you put your trust in us.

We have 3 Pillars we focus on each and every day:


We’ll take these one at a time and tell you just what that means to us and FOR you!

Pillar # 1 LUXURY

So what can you expect?

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics came from our director & owner’s vision of creating a spa where advanced level body and facial sculpting procedures can be done in a luxury spa environment. This wasn’t an accident, it is the reason we opened the doors in the first place. Atlanta had no center that let patients be pampered and have a large treatment suite with a comfortable bed, TV, wi-fi, a spa meal served and all the added extras that SHOULD go along with the procedures you spoil yourself with. Sculpted Contours takes care of that!

Each procedure room is large and spacious and has a procedure bed that will adjust to almost any position you want to be in. The mattresses are 4″ thick for comfort and we have 1000 thread count sheets and super soft cozy blankets for you to snuggle up in. Better than that? You bet! We go the extra mile for you.

Each room has a 42″ flat screen TV including all the cable channels and NETFLIX and Pandora music channels. You can even surf the web on the TV if you want!

Want more? Ok you got it….

How about a spa meal while you are CoolSculpting? We serve breakfast, lunch or late day snacks depending on what time you are here with us. Greek Yogurt and fresh berries, Salad with grilled chicken breast or steak, veggies, even feta cheese and nuts if you want. How about raw veggies and hummus for an afternoon snack? We realize you are here to sculpt away stubborn fat, but eating right is part of the process and we help you get that even during your procedure.

What about a view?

Sure, we have that too! Buckhead has wooded areas and our treatment rooms look out over a beautiful view off Pharr Road towards Midtown. The trees below our 6th floor Spa make you feel that you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city and gone to a retreat. Out in the not so far distance over the trees is Midtown with the beautiful architecture of the Bank of America building to look at.

You aren’t cramped into a small procedure room at the back of a doctor’s office with no views to the outside. You have a large room, tastefully furnished and a full wall of windows to relax and enjoy. Choosing a location was something that took us months to find just the right one and we knew it as soon as we saw the view. Lots of natural light and a calming serene view above the streets of Buckhead.

What about a nap?

Nothing worse than trying to nap with all those windows right? We have custom draperies with black out lining that let us close away the outside lights and create a little cave for you to take a nap. We see so many of our patients sleeping soundly when we check on them during their CoolSculpting Procedures. If your life is super busy and this sounds like a great chance to stop and unplug from the world, you’ll find a great spot to do that at Sculpted Contours.

What about working?

Each room has a roll up table and a bed that sits up. We’ve had real estate agents work all afternoon during their procedures; an insurance agent that set up office and no one knew she wasn’t at her office; sales reps taking calls, Mom’s that have scheduled their 3 kids entire summer camp schedules, even an attorney working on case files and doctor’s dictating office records during their procedures. If your life is busy and you can’t take time off work or your family schedule, don’t worry, we have the place just for you!

What does luxury mean to you? We love to hear our clients suggestions of things we can offer or provide for them during their CoolSculpting treatment or other treatments too. Come see what a luxury experience is like for your body and facial sculpting procedures and if you think of something we can do to make it even better, let us know.

Next post we’ll tell you about our experienced staff and why that experience should matter when you choose a place to have your procedures.

Until then….