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Botox® Cosmetic

Botox® Cosmetic Injections Alpharetta, GA

reduce wrinkles with Botox®

The first & most trusted brand of Cosmetic wrinkle relaxer

Botox® Cosmetic is the first injectable wrinkle relaxer and still the #1 asked for by name product.  Botox® Cosmetic works to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face by relaxing the muscles that move and cause those lines to appear. Once the muscles are relaxed, you look relaxed and refreshed to. You look like you’ve just had a great night’s sleep, a long relaxing vacation or the best massage!  

Botox® Cosmetic is the first injectable wrinkle relaxer and still the #1 asked for by name product.  Botox® Cosmetic works to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face by relaxing the muscles that move and cause those lines to appear. Once the muscles are relaxed, you look relaxed and refreshed to. You look like you’ve just had a great night’s sleep, a long relaxing vacation or the best massage!  

Say goodbye to frown lines, crows feet, those pesky 11’s between your brows and other areas where moving your muscles causes wrinkles. Botox® Cosmetic use can over time reduces the strength of the muscles causing those deep wrinkles and if started early can even prevent new wrinkles from forming. 

What Wrinkles can Botox treat?

forehead wrinkles

frown lines- glabella wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are those that appear or worsen when you create movements in the facial muscles, like squinting your eyes, raising your eyebrows or furrowing your brows together. Once the muscles that control these movements are relaxed from the Botox injections, the lines smooth out and you can no longer make these exaggerated movements. So, no wrinkles!

Your face will once again look rested and relaxed when you have it rested and relaxed. This rested, smooth appearance makes you appear more youthful and dare we say happy?  

While muscle movements of your face are natural, the deeper lines caused by them are a natural part of AGING!  No one wants to look naturally OLD.

There are multiple approaches to injecting the facial muscles to achieve a natural appearance where facial movements are still present but minimized enough to stop the the visible lines or completely frozen where no movement of the targeted muscles is possible.

Everyone is different but either way the results are still very natural looking and we work with you on how much movement you prefer to have or not have.

Botox Results on a Man Frown Lines Between Brows

crows feet wrinkles

Muscle movements on the face from frowning, squinting, smiling, furrowing your brows together and raising your brows occur all day every day.  These repeated movements build the muscle strength and cause facial lines to appear, which can stay even if your face is fully relaxed.  This is all part of aging and is natural.  But there is something that can be done to minimize the appearance of those lines.  Neurotoxin injections are placed directly into the small moving muscles.  This causes the muscle to not be able to move as much for a temporary time. Once the muscle movements are limited, the lines will smooth out and disappear. 

The effects of Botox® Cosmetic are temporary with results peaking within a few weeks after your injections and then slowly fading away over three months.   Visible smoothing of the lines begins to appear in 24 to 48 hours after injections and continues to improve over the next two weeks.  Effects of neurotoxin injections is temporary, gradually wearing off over approximately 3 months.  Repeated injections over time can usually cause the muscles that cause the movement wrinkles to atrophy (get smaller).  Facial lines that are visible even when you aren’t moving your face will reduce over time with repeated neurotoxin wrinkle reducer injections.  Lines that are visible only when moving the muscles of the face will be significantly less visible with just one treatment. 

Are There Other areas Botox® Cosmetic Can Treat?

Botox® Cosmetic is a muscle relaxer neurotoxin.  After assessment by a qualified medical practitioner trained and skilled with Botox® Cosmetic injections, there are other areas that can be injected to produce desirable cosmetic results.  These areas are considered “off label” as they have not been rigorously studied and submitted for approval through the FDA.  However, as a medical practitioner, our Nurse Practitioner Injector can use Botox® Cosmetic in other areas.  

Common areas Botox® Cosmetic is injected for cosmetic purposes includes the chin, the masseters (in front of the ears along the jaw line) for facial slimming, the top of the lip to “flip” the lip upward, the trapezius muscles at the base of the neck and the nares (outside) of the nose for nasal flaring reduction.  A full facial consultation is performed prior to any injections or procedures.  Your concerns along with providing an assessment for facial balancing and symmetry and final cosmetic results will be provided to you.  You only treat the areas you are most concerned with but having the information about what you CAN do to improve your appearance as you age is helpful.   At Sculpted Contours, our nurse practitioner is a master level cosmetic injector with many years and training courses completed to ensure you get the best and safest treatment.  

Your safety and the results from your procedure are our top priorities.  Our staff are highly qualified to perform any procedure they offer and we work with you and your aesthetic goals to develop a long term treatment plan to address any concerns you have.  You are in great hands with us!  


A higher level of treatment is available through Advanced Cosmetic Injections and Face & Neck Rejuvenation Procedures

ADVANCED Face Tightening Procedures

Botox® cosmetic

customized individual protocols – advanced natural results

EXCLUSIVE Advanced Cosmetic Injectables protocols

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics expert clinical staff have developed and perfected our Exclusive Cosmetic Injectables and Anti-Aging Protocols. Our cosmetic injectables are all performed by an experienced nurse practitioner with extensive training and experience with cosmetic injectables.  She will work with you and with your goals, in mind develop a comprehensive treatment plan for facial rejuvenation.  We can offer combined treatments if needed to give exceptional results a single injection or procedure may not provide.

Advanced level treatment plans are part of each cosmetic consultation. Even if only one area of treatment or one procedure is needed to get you the results, our treatment plans utilize an approach to ongoing anti-aging and skin rejuvenation to produce the best results.  Our treatment plans are customized to you with your goals and budget in mind. 

The next step is to schedule your consultation appointment with us.  On most appointments we can also perform any cosmetic injectables you want after your consultation is completed.  For some people, we may need to schedule additional appointments depending on how much you want done and whether our schedule has available time.  We do our best to get you in and treated as quickly as possible.  

Call our office or complete the schedule request form at the bottom of this page and our office staff will call or email you and coordinate your appointment.  

Your face is your own and should always look like your best version of yourself.  

Your Advanced Cosmetic Injectables Protocol should be just as unique as you are!

You deserve it



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