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Rf Skin tightening with Forma

Forma by inmode - Skin Tightening Procedure at Sculpted Contours in Atlanta, GA


Forma is a radio-frequency (RF) procedure that helps stimulate new collagen to improve overall appearance of the skin.  A series of 4 to 6 Forma treatments will improve skin tone and elasticity for long-lasting results and improvement without surgery or any invasive procedure or needles.  This procedure is GREAT for maintaining youthful appearance by inducing your own skin to produce more collagen.  It can be used to get tighter skin with less fine lines and crepiness after a series of treatments or as part of your routine maintenance to maintain your youthful skin.  

Forma is a procedure that can be used on all skin types. If you are seeking non-invasive procedures to give you great long lasting NATURAL results Forma could be for you. Most of our clients tell us their skin is more supple, smooth and has less fine lines and wrinkles after a series of Forma treatments.  You can visibly see the uplift and tightening immediately after the treatment.  It’s a GREAT perk up just before a big event, vacation or special night out.   

Our Experts can give you their recommendation on the number of of treatments you will require based on the condition of your skin, your age and your ultimate skin goals. Typically it is weekly appointments each week for 4 to 6 weeks to complete a series or one Forma procedure every 3 months as part of an anti-aging maintenance procedure regimen.

What Happens during a forma procedure?

Forma RF Skin Tightening is actually an enjoyable procedure with the Forma wand producing heat and warmth during the treatment as it glides across your skin. There is zero downtime and you will see slight pinkness or redness just after the procedure, which will subside very quickly within a few minutes to an hour.  Our expert clinical staff will cover the treatment areas with ultrasound gel so the Forma handpiece can glide across your skin.  Each area is divided into sections and a timed treatment is performed on each per FDA cleared protocols.  We use the double time protocol to reduce the total number of treatments and visits to our aesthetic center but still maintain the approved treatment time for best results.  

Once the procedure is complete, we will wash the ultrasound gel off your skin and you are ready to go.  The best part is taking a photo to compare with one taken just prior to your procedure.  You can see a difference in tightening and lifting right away in most people.  



Real People - Real FORMA RF Skin Tightening Results

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