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Body fat reduction procedures

When it comes to the best way to reduce stubborn pockets of body fat with a non-invasive technology, look no further than CoolSculpting and TruSculpt iD at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics in Alpharetta, Ga.

Utilizing the power of CoolSculpting or TruSculpt iD for non-invasive fat reduction allows you to slim down areas of stubborn fat almost anywhere on your body.  These two powerhouse fat reduction procedures can each safely and effectively eliminate fat without surgery or downtime in a short procedure.  A single procedure produces on average a 20-25% reduction in the thickness of the fat layer in the area treated.  Most people opt for 2 treatments of any area to achieve optimal long lasting fat reduction results.

Having the option of BOTH procedures in the same aesthetic center gives us the ability to offer the best procedure for the BEST results for each person.  Sometimes it’s one or the other, sometimes it’s a combination of the two.  

As one of the highest volume CoolSculpting Centers in the United States, or expertise is unmatched in Alpharetta, Ga.  Add to that experience, we are also the highest volume TruSculpt iD practice in Alpharetta.  We can truly sculpt and define your body with advanced level protocols and treatment plans because of our experience.

When you are ready for the BEST treatment and the BEST results in non-invasive fat reduction, look no further than Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics


Now is the best time to consider non-invasive procedures for fat reduction. The newest technology devices available are safe, effective and FDA cleared proving they work! Protocols to treat different body parts have improved over the past few years allowing more areas to be treated that women and men were always interested in reducing.

While there are several options now available for non-invasive fat reduction, not all of them are effective in permanently eliminating fat cells from the body. We only choose the most advanced technology that is FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness that is clinically PROVEN to eliminate fat cells. This commitment gives our clients at Sculpted Contours in Alpharetta the results they want that safely and effectively and PERMANENTLY eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat!  

Best procedures for body fat reduction



CoolSculpting is a revolutionary proven fat freezing treatment which eliminates fat from your body naturally, safely, without surgery or any downtime.
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Fat reduction through the power of the highest energy RadioFrequency (RF) device proven to eliminate fat cells permanently with the added benefit of skin tightening all in a single procedure.
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