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What is TruSculpt iD Fat REduction?

TruSculpt iD is latest technology in Radiofrequency Fat Reduction. This device has a higher energy output which REDUCES time of the treatment in each area, REDUCES the number of treatments needed for an area, and REDUCES more fat by penetrating deeper under the skin.  Average reduction from a single procedure is 20% to 25%, but most people require a 2nd treatment to get the reduction they need for long lasting results.


TruSculpt iD is a safe clinically proven procedure that permanently eliminates stubborn fat cells in the abdomen, flanks, arms, legs, and double chin. In addition to fat reduction, RF energy is proven to tighten the skin. So in one single procedure, you can reduce fat and see some skin tightening in the treated area.  This is not a skin tightening procedure, but we do see some skin tightening with each procedure.  

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This procedure is versatile and effective to treat a wide range of people who may not be a candidate for other fat reduction and body contouring procedures due to treatment location, skin type, fat thickness and presence of skin laxity. 

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is emitted from the TruSculpt iD hand piece causing the ions in your cells to vibrate and create heat energy.  Hydration is key to the successful and comfortable treatment of fat with RF energy.  The hand pieces are not hot, the heat is created within your fat layer during the procedure.  

During the procedure, controlled heating to a precise temperature causes the fat cells to die without having any detrimental effect on other tissues in the area.  A positive effect of some slight skin tightening also occurs during the procedure in the treated area.  

TruSculpt ID allows up to 6 applicators to be used simultaneously during a 15 minute treatment. This reduces the time it takes perform the treatment so you are able to treat multiple areas during one short appointment. 

Our expert clinical staff develop a precision TruSculpt iD treatment plan customized to you.  We focus on the areas you want to reduce and develop a treatment plan customized just for you.  Most areas/people require 1-2 sessions spaced 2 months apart to see an area of a bulge go flat and reduce.  For more reduction, additional treatments are performed every 2 to 3 months.  For treatments on the thighs, for circumferential reduction, expect 2 to 3 treatments spaced 2 months apart is expected.  

What areas can be treated with TruSculpt iD?

TruSculpt iD RF fat reduction is a procedure that can be used ALMOST anywhere on the body.  Due to the small size of the hand pieces, smaller areas can be treated that cannot easily be treated with other fat reduction procedures including CoolSculpting. Because this uses heat, some areas are more uncomfortable to treat with TruSculpt iD than CoolSculpting and our expert team will discuss this with you during your consultation appointment.  

Alternative to CoolSculpting

TruSculpt iD is an alternative fat reduction procedure to CoolSculpting. It’s a non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells. TruSculpt iD works by delivering heat energy to the deeper layers of fat, causing fat cells to shrink and eventually be eliminated by the body’s natural processes. This procedure is considered safe and effective for reducing fat in various areas of the body, offering noticeable results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

If you are wanting a non-invasive alternative to CoolSculpting, TruSculpt iD is the BEST solution with the highest level of success without any of the side effects or risks associated with CoolSculpting. 

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Similar to any other non-invasive fat reduction treatment that causes fat cells to die, it takes 3 months to get your full results. Typically after 4-6 weeks you will start noticing results which will continue to improve up to three months after treatment. You’ll come back in for follow up photos and assessment of additional treatments after 3 months.  You can schedule additional treatments in the same area as early as 2 months after your last treatment for faster results.

What can you expect after a trusculpt Id procedure?

There is little to no downtime with TruSculpt ID treatments. Get back to your regular routine right away, you can even work out after this procedure. No one will know you had anything done. You can expect the skin in the areas treated to be slightly pink to red for an hour or two after the treatment. You may experience slight swelling, tenderness or even some firmness for a few days to 2 weeks after the procedure.  Nothing that will slow your lifestyle down.  

As the treated fat cells die and are naturally eliminated over the next 3 months, you’ll see your treatment areas begin to slim down and flatten.  The results you get from TruSculpt iD fat reduction are permanent fat cell elimination.  With a healthy lifestyle including exercise and good nutrition without weight gain, your results are long lasting, even permanent for most people.  


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One area women are always asking to treat is their thighs. Until now, procedures to reduce fat on the entire thigh or improve the appearance of cellulite have provided limited results and required a series of 6 or 8 weekly treatments and not right for many women. With TruSculpt iD, you can see circumferential thigh fat reduction in 2 to 3 treatments on the entire front, side, and back of the thighs. Additional treatments may be necessary depending on the thickness of the fat and the amount of reduction you want to see.

Full Thigh Reduction with TruSculpt iD - Sculpted Contours - Atlanta, GA
Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary



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