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Reduce Stomach Fat Effectively at Sculpted Contours in Atlanta, GA

Reduce Fat Effectively at Sculpted Contours in Atlanta, GA

Coolsculpting stomach

Does CoolSculpting your stomach work?

As the world’s #1 non-surgical treatment to reduce fat, CoolSculpting has proven itself to be both safe and effective. The #1 place on the body treated with CoolSculpting is the stomach. Wanting a flat, toned abdomen is a desire for both men and women, younger and older adults. So it makes sense that CoolSculpting on the Stomach would be the most popular area to be treated.

How does CoolSculpting work on the stomach?

By using specific shaped and sized applicators, we are able to very specifically target the thickest pockets of fat on the abdomen of any person. The size and shape of the applicator vary for each person. Determining the best treatment plan for CoolSculpting on the Abdomen is done by trained aesthetic providers with the most experience performing CoolSculpting procedures.

Each person’s body is different and so is the way fat on your abdomen accumulates. Many men and women have a lower belly pooch of fat. Some also have fat accumulations above the belly button they want to reduce too. Even higher up on the ribs or even lower down in the pelvis are also areas CoolSculpting can treat that are also on the stomach.

Once all the areas that you want to reduce are measured, the right size and shape of the applicator are determined along with how many applicators total you’ll need for a single CoolSculpting treatment. Then the FUN begins!

During your treatment, the applicators reduce the temperature in the area causing the fat to freeze. Each treatment lasts between 35 minutes and 75 minutes based on the applicator that best fits your body. The time for each treatment is programmed into the system and cannot be altered. The safety and effectiveness of CoolSculpting treatments are continuously studied to ensure the parameters set are what the FDA cleared.

After the treatment is over, another area can be treated immediately. Once all areas are treated in just a single visit, you can get back to your regular life. Some people come in early in the day for their CoolSculpting treatment and go back to work after. Some come in early and pick up kids after school and begin their normal after-school activities. Others come in later in the day after working part of the day and then head back to the gym or out to dinner. What does this mean? You can do whatever you feel like doing after CoolSculpting. There is no downtime or required recovery time.

What happens after a CoolSculpting treatment?

Now that your areas of fat have completed their CoolSculpting freezing treatment, there are a few key things that happen that produce the profound fat reduction result. First, the massage immediately after the treatment uses the ice crystals that form within the fat cells to damage the inside of the cell and physically cause the cell to die. Others were actually frozen to death during the CoolSculpting treatment. Between the two mechanisms, a lot of fat cells die as a result of CoolSculpting fat freezing.

Now the natural processes of your body kick in to eliminate those fat cells. Part of this is an inflammatory process, so you can expect some swelling from the procedure. Think of this like spraining your ankle. Injury causes inflammation, so swelling is a verification of the injury in the area. You can also expect the area to be tender and sore. Most of this swelling and soreness is mild to moderate and resolves on its own within 7-10 days.

The fat cells are unique and contain a special way to hold the stored fat inside the cell. Freezing this fat causes changes that make the fat cell die without affecting other cells surrounding them. These dead fat cells actually implode on themselves shriveling up as they die and eventually are reabsorbed by the body and eliminated as solid waste. This process occurs daily in every person as we all have cells in our body that die naturally and are replaced with new cells. Uniquely, fat cells do not replace themselves so once they are gone, they are gone for good. This is how CoolSculpting produces permanent fat cell reduction results.

Over the next 3 to 4 months after your CoolSculpting treatment, your body is working to eliminate the fat cells that die as a result of the procedure. This process isn’t fast, but it is effective and happens in each person treated with CoolSculpting.

What other areas can be treated with CoolSculpting?

When CoolSculpting stomach treatments are performed, other areas can be treated on the same day. For some, that’s the upper abdomen after the lower abdomen. For others wanting more than just their stomach treated with CoolSculpting, it’s other parts of the body. We offer CoolSculpting treatments for the abdomen, love handles, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, banana roll (area under the butt), lower thighs, full legs, back and bra line areas, chin, and jawline. Additional areas are also treated with CoolSculpting based on each individual and where your fat pockets are. If it’s FAT and under the skin (subcutaneous) then CoolSculpting can safely and effectively reduce it!

How much does CoolSculpting your stomach cost?

Well, that depends. Are you treating just the lower abdomen area or also treating the upper abdomen too? Do you need a single applicator that can be placed directly under the belly button over a small pocket of fat or do you need multiple applicators to cover the entire fat pocket? Do you need the larger size applicator(s) or the smaller size to cover the entire area? Are you wanting to treat other areas at the same time or just the stomach?

Your total cost of CoolSculpting depends on the number of applicators and the size of those applicators. The starting price for a single standard applicator is $800. The large applicator covers double the area and the price is $1300. There are discounts for multiple applicators used to treat an area or even treating more than one area at a time.  Our CoolSculpting volume is so high, we can offer the best discounts on CoolSculpting. Even with one area being treated you automatically get a 25% discount!  With even more areas treated, the discounts get even better! 

 This can reduce the price per applicator down to as low as $500 per small and medium applicator and $900 for the large applicator. There are also discounts when treating the same area more than once to get the full results you want to see. CoolSculpting is affordable to almost everyone that is interested in a non-invasive procedure to reduce fat and improve their appearance.

CoolSculpting is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, weight control, and exercise. It can be used in conjunction with these to improve your appearance and fight the stubborn areas of fat on your body, which typically includes the stomach, that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.

If you are ready to see a flatter stomach, CoolSculpting can be the solution you are looking for. Call our office today to schedule your no-cost personal consultation with one of our expert CoolSculpting team at 404-872-8578. Complete an online form requesting a consultation and one of our staff members will reach out to you to schedule your appointment.



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