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Coolsculpting Vs Trusculpt Fat Reduction in Atlanta, GA

CoolSculpting Vs. TruSculpt ID for Fat REduction: Which procedure is best?


What's the difference between CoolSculpting & TruSculpt?

So you are considering a non-invasive fat reduction procedure and want to know the difference in what’s available. What procedure would be right for you?  CoolSculpting vs. TruSculpt for fat reduction.

Having more than one option to reduce fat is the best option to get the best result. Not everyone has the same fat or body shape or wants the same areas treated. That’s why having both CoolSculpting and TruSculpt iD allows us to customize your treatment plan even more.

As Atlanta’s #1 volume CoolSculpting provider, we 100% believe in CoolSculpting and the amazing CoolSculpting Results we have created in the last 9 years. the technology of freezing fat and causing those fat cells in the area to die results in fat reduction that is both Proven and Effective!

TruSculpt iD is another tool to use in non-invasive fat reduction. This allows us to treat more people with non-invasive fat reduction that were not good candidates for CoolSculpting or had conditions that made them excluded from having CoolSculpting.  This person 

Choosing between CoolSculpting and truSculpt id

Many People Are Interested In Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures But Because Of Skin Laxity Are Not The Best Candidate For CoolSculpting Alone.

We’ve offered CoolSculpting plus another procedure to tighten the skin in many people. For mild-moderate skin laxity and fat, this is a great combination that has provided great results for many people.

TruSculpt iD has the option of providing BOTH permanent fat reduction by heating the fat cells until it causes them to die and using proven RadioFrequency energy to also tighten the skin at the same time.

For more significant or severe skin laxity, CoolSculpting or TruSculpt iD plus another might still be the best option to get the results you want. With severe skin laxity and fat reduction, the best choice might still be a surgical procedure.

Only a consultation with one of our expert Aesthetic providers can determine what treatment plan is right for you.

Can Small Fat Pockets Be Treated with CoolSculpting or TruSculpt?

Many people have areas of fat on the body that are too small for the CoolSculpting applicators. Especially small pockets of fat on the outer thigh can just be too small for CoolSculpting to treat because the applicator is just too big.

The TruSculpt iD applicators are smaller and can be used to treat smaller pockets of fat effectively providing similar results to CoolSculpting when the pocket of fat is smaller.

Until now, we offered another RF fat reduction procedure called Body FX that required a series of 6-8 weekly treatments. This procedure is painful on the legs and the weekly treatments were something many people just couldn’t fit into their busy lives.

TruSculpt iD is a single procedure that can take as little as 15 minutes per area treated. It’s as easy to make this fit into your busy life as CoolSculpting is!

Thigh Circumferential Reduction in georgia

Over the last 9 years, we’ve had LOTS of women ask for a reduction around their entire thighs. Some even have mild skin laxity on their thighs they want to be treated to. These are issues that CoolSculpting can’t completely address.

We’ve done many procedures to reduce fat around the thighs. Sometimes we can only partially treat the thighs but not be able to fully treat every part a woman wants to reduce.

For women with a thicker fat layer around the thighs, CoolSculpting does work well on thighs and we have seen some great results. Every 2 areas take 75 minutes of treatment time and could take 6 hours to fully treat the thighs.

With TruSculpt iD, the applicators are smaller but we can treat with 6 at the same time and a treatment that takes 15 minutes. We’ve been able to treat the entire thigh on several people in less than 3 hours.

With RF energy, TruSculpt iD can also help to reduce the appearance of mild cellulite in some women. With TruSculpt iD, treatment is 1 time with full results and assessment for additional treatments needed in 3 months.  For full thigh reduction it typically takes 2 to 3 times treating with TruSculpt iD to get thighs that are much thinner.

CoolSculpting and TruSculpt only treat fat, some cellulite also has a component of the fibrous septae creating divots by pulling down on the skin. This part of cellulite is not treated by reducing the fat, but can slightly improve with a fat reduction around this area.

Only a consultation with a trained Aesthetic expert provider can determine which procedure or combination of procedures would be right for you.



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