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Why go anywhere else?

Why go anywhere else?

10,000 CoolSculpting Treatments Performed

Over 10,000 CoolSculpting Procedures Performed

Top Volume CoolSculpting Georgia Practice 2014-2021
Highest Level Diamond Practice Designation Multiple Awards

Former CoolSculpting Trainer Leading Our Team
CoolSculpting Certified Practice
CoolSculpting University Training
CoolSculpting MASTER’S Level Training
4 CoolSculpting Machines | Faster CoolSculpting
Luxury Private Suites | HDTV | Luxury Furnished

Outside View Large Windows In Every Room | 6th Floor Overlooking Atlanta Skyline

Best of City Awards 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

What Is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary proven fat freezing treatment which eliminates fat from your body naturally, safely, without surgery or any downtime.  Best of all, the results are long lasting! You can freeze and ELIMINATE fat cells without surgery. Not only will a treatment of CoolSculpting reduce a treated area, but it will reduce the number of fat cells in the treated area. When fat cells are eliminated, they do not come back. With less fat cells to store fat, the areas treated are smaller, thinner and flatter than before treatment.

CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard scientists, this FDA-cleared procedure uses a controlled cooling process to kill the fat cells that are under the skin, literally freezing them to death. This is performed by placing special treatment applicators on the specific areas you want to slim down. Each treatment takes 35 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the applicator selected that best fits your body.

Once the fat cells are frozen, they naturally die and are eliminated from your body.  Once they are gone, those fat cells do not come back.  With proper diet and a healthy lifestyle the results you achieve with CoolSculpting are long lasting.

How does CoolSculpting eliminate fat


During your CoolSculpting treatment at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics, you can watch TV, work on your computer or tablet, talk on the phone or just unplug from the world and enjoy your own private luxury treatment room. Many clients even drift away and take a relaxing nap during their CoolSculpting treatment.

There is no downtime with CoolSculpting. You can come in during the day and head straight back to work or even to the gym right afterwards. At Sculpted Contours we have two dedicated CoolSculpting suites and FOUR CoolSculpting systems in one location. We can reduce the amount of time you need to treat multiple areas by treating them at the same time. Instead of treating one side for an hour and the other side for another hour, we can treat both sides at the same time! This allows you truly sculpt away your unwanted fat over a lunch hour!  Having two rooms allows us to schedule your procedure even faster.  Usually within a couple of days of your consultation, you are on your way to a slimmer you!  

CoolSculpting at Sculpted Contours is performed by our EXPERT STAFF that trained at CoolSculpting University on the newest protocols and treatment applicators. We are the ONLY Center in Atlanta, GA with a former CoolSculpting trainer leading our team.  Our entire team is trained daily by former CoolSculpting trainer, Kathy King, assuring we give you the absolute best results possible.

The Cost Of CoolSculpting Depends On The Treatment Plan. Your treatment plan is individualized to your body and the areas you want to reduce with CoolSculpting. No two bodies are the same and no two treatment plans would be exactly the same.  Visit this page to learn more about how CoolSculpting cost is determined.

What Areas Can Be Treated With CoolSculpting?












Other Areas Based On Our Extensive CoolSculpting Expertise and YEARS of Experience


Areas CoolSculpting Can Treat

Suite Retreat

Best Buckhead MedSpa

When we opened our doors our intent was to provide an exceptional experience and location for anyone having a CoolSculpting treatment.  Our rooms are luxury appointed and look more like a 5 star hotel room than a procedure room.  Every detail is intended to pamper you and make your day with us comfortable and relaxing.

No other center in the Southeast has procedure rooms like ours.  With a full wall of windows that overlook the tree line of Buckhead from the 6th floor, you will never feel cramped or stuck in a small space.  We use 400 thread count sheets and plush blankets and pillows to ensure you are comfortable and wrapped in a luxury feeling the entire time you are with us.  

Your private suite includes an HDTV with options of NetFlix or regular cable TV Music Channels or Smart TV options.  The office has high speed Wi-Fi if you need to work or want to surf the internet during your procedure.  Your private suite has all the amenities you need.

Whether you are spending the entire day with us or just a short time treating one area, you’ll be glad you chose the luxury center only Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics offers.  

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CoolSculpting Treatment Plan

Every body is different and each of our clients has their own areas that concern them the most. We work with you to develop a customized treatment plan just for you. Our goal is to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Our expert team develops a customized treatment plan based on our advanced level CoolSculpting protocols to ensure you get the very best results.  

We have every treatment applicator available including the newest CoolAdvantage technology applicators. Not every CoolSculpting Center chose to upgrade to this new technology so make sure you are choosing a center that has invested in the procedure so you get the best results.   Having every available applicator really makes a difference and allows us to treat almost any person and almost any area of the body effectively with CoolSculpting.

We have advanced protocols for FASTER CoolSculpting Results!  Check out our Faster CoolSculpting page for more details!

Male Abdomen and Flank Treatment Plan
Female Abdomen and Flanks Treatment Plan
Female Rear and Side Flanks Treatment Plan
Upper Arm Treatment Plan

To See More Treatment Plans and Understand How CoolSculpting Can Treat You…..

What about Results?

Upper Abs Lower Abs Love Handles Braline Female 19

What About Results?  Does CoolSculpting Really Work? 

Yes, it does and the results can be amazing when the procedure is performed by EXPERT CoolSculpting Providers.  

See More CoolSculpting Results……

Why go anywhere else?

Why go anywhere else?

Sculpted Contours is the #1 CoolSculpting Practice in Atlanta and the State of Georgia based on our Volume of procedures in the last 7 years since we opened our doors. We have performed over 10,0000 procedures in the last 7 years; all in a single location! 

We have a former CoolSculpting Trainer leading our team of clinical experts. All staff that perform any procedure have a medical license in the State of Georgia.  You are in good hands with us!

We are committed to helping you achieve the best CoolSculpting results.  Our luxury center will pamper you while you have your CoolSculpting treatment. 

Our CoolSculpting clients come from all over Atlanta including Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Peachtree City, Inman Park as well as many states around the country.

Because of our experience, we are the go to Center in the Southeast for CoolSculpting.

As the highest volume center in Georgia, we do CoolSculpting ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!