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CoolSculpting Prices at Sculpted Contours in Atlanta, GA

Best CoolSculpting Prices in Atlanta, GA


How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

When you are considering a fat reduction treatment like CoolSculpting, one of the frequent questions asked is “how much does Cool Sculpting cost?” Remember you are investing in yourself, your body, your looks, and even your self-confidence. Now is not the time to skimp and pinch pennies.

Expert CoolSculpting Providers in Georgia

The expert CoolSculpting providers at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics develop customized CoolSculpting treatment plans for each individual, Your treatment plan is based on your body and your areas of concern. No two treatment plans are the same because no two bodies are exactly the same.

Your treatment plan should include an assessment by a CoolSculpting MASTER trained in developing an Advanced Level Treatment Plan. Assessment of each area of your body that concerns you as well as any adjacent areas that may leave you looking out of shape or unbalanced if not reduced at the same time is included.

Each treatment plan specifically determines which size CoolSculpting applicator and how many are needed to get full coverage on your body. When a fully comprehensive treatment plan is performed, your CoolSculpting results will be the best possible. Which is the whole point right?

In about half of the CoolSculpting clients we treat, additional treatment is either needed or just wanted to get the full-fat reduction desired. Don’t worry, at Sculpted Contours we give very good discounts on those additional treatments in the same area. We really want everyone to have the full CoolSculpting result they want to see.

Here are the main factors that determine your final coolsculpting cost:

CoolSculpting can treat almost any area of the body from the abdomen, love handles, legs, inner and outer thighs, arms, bra line and back fat areas, even the banana roll under the butt and the double chin are all FDA cleared areas for CoolSculpting. There are some more advanced treatment protocols for even more areas that we can treat too.

How many areas are you interested in treating with CoolSculpting?

The more areas you treat, the higher the cost BUT the bigger the discount you get per area. So, in reality, you pay less per area when you decide to treat multiple areas at the same time than if you treated one area and then came back later for another until you were done.

How long or wide are the areas you want treated?

The CoolSculpting applicators are set sizes but we have every size available at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics from the Mini, Petite, Advantage Medium and Advantage Plus and the CoolSmooth flat-panel Applicator. Each applicator has a different price depending on how long it takes to complete the treatment, which is pre-programmed based on the applicator size.

The Mini and Plus applicators take 45 minutes each to complete a full CoolSculpting treatment cycle. The Petite and Medium take 35 minutes each for a full treatment cycle. The CoolSmooth or flat panel takes 75 minutes from the moment we hit the start button until the treatment time ends.

The size of the applicator is determined by the length or width of the area of fat reduction we are treating. Each pocket of fat must be treated individually to get full, natural fat reduction with CoolSculpting. You don’t want the smallest applicator covering a pocket that is much bigger. Also, the bigger the better isn’t always the case with CoolSculpting. While the PLUS size applicator gives us PLUS size reduction, it doesn’t fit on every area or even on every person. It’s all about finding the “goldilocks” of applicators that are just the right fit.

How thick is the pocket of fat you want treated?

This one determines how many times you need to treat the same area. A thin, soft layer of fat would need fewer treatments to reduce to flat (you know no bulge) than a thicker, harder area of fat would.

You’ll treat each area once and wait 3 months to see what your full results are from that treatment and then determine whether you should do another treatment to get more reduction or if you are happy and thrilled with your results after just one CoolSculpting treatment.

Some people just know they want more reduction and so we do offer additional treatments in the same area after 8 week’s time. We want to let all those pesky fat cells that were killed during the first treatment get reabsorbed and eliminated by your body before treating that same area again. Otherwise, we are just treating fat cells that are already dead, but just not eliminated yet again. Waiting that extra time to a minimum of 8 weeks after your CoolSculpting treatment will eventually get you better results.

Price of CoolSculpting in atlanta, ga

So how much does Cool Sculpting cost? CoolSculpting starts at $650 per applicator for the Mini, Petite and Medium size applicators. There are additional discounts off this price the more areas you treat. We even run CoolSculpting promotions sometimes and Allergan, the company that owns CoolSculpting runs promotions through their Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program too.

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