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Kathy King

Owner/Managing Director

I always knew that I would be in the medical field and helping people; it’s what I love.  I’ve been doing this since I started my clinical training at the age of 18…..many years ago!

My career took the path of clinical staff to hospital administration to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries in sales and clinical training.  What I loved was teaching physicians, nurses, pharmacists, operating room staff and other hospital and physician office staff how to use the products and devices to provide the best care to their patients.  My goal was to know everything I could about the products so I could teach others to  be the best using them.

In 2013, I was hired as the Georgia CoolSculpting Practice Development Manager. My job was to train physicians and their staff how to perform CoolSculpting treatments and to get the very best results.

It didn’t take me long to realize CoolSculpting is an art that takes expertise and commitment to get the best results.  It’s also a procedure that you treat yourself to.  So, the entire experience should be a luxury pampered day for you.  I opened Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics in 2014 to achieve two goals:

1) provide the very best results from the procedures we offer 2) provide a luxury experience to our clients beyond their expectations.

I meet each person during their personal consultation.  I help them decide what they want to improve about their appearance and together we set up a plan that will get them the results they want.  I love seeing our clients come in not liking part of their body and watch them come back for their results photos with a smile on their face because they are so happy with the changes.

There is no other CoolSculpting treatment center anywhere that all the staff receive the level of training provided by me everyday.  I perform many of the procedures on our clients myself.  But rest assured, everyone on the Sculpted Contours team is an expert at what they do.  I’ve made sure of that!  Not just for CoolSculpting but for all our procedures, we bring our trainers in constantly to learn everything about the procedures and new protocols to get the best results.

It’s not about the procedure. It’s about the results. Isn’t that what you really want?
-Kathy King

We focus on body and facial sculpting so we can be the best at what we do.  We don’t offer every procedure available, only the very best that give the best results.  There are plenty of places that offer every aesthetic procedure they can.  By staying focused on what we do, we stay the best at what we do.  I am so confident in the results we get, Sculpted Contours offers a Contour Commitment to each client guaranteeing their results.  No other center does that!   Many of our clients say our medical spa is the best spa in Atlanta, GA.  The reason?  We remain focused and we deliver results!


Our Medical Director

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics is proud to be affiliated with Dr. Stefan Adair, MD, FACS, Cosmetic, Plastics and Reconstruction Surgeon as our medical director.
We are the only practice that stands behind our results.If you aren’t happy, we aren’t done! Call to schedule your consultation today 404.872.8578