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Fire and Ice 2.0

Customized combination of two of the most advanced non-invasive technologies for fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Sculpted Contours is the only center in Georgia using this combination of technology to deliver customized protocols on the legs.


TruSculpt iD in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

truSculpt ID has the strongest energy frequency of all Radiofrequency Fat Reduction Aesthetic Procedures.  Most RF technologies are 1 Mhz.  truSculpt iD utilizes 2 Mhz RF.  Double the energy equals better results with less treatments than other lower energy systems.  This is why we call this procedure Fire & Ice 2.0!  truSculpt is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells through natural cell death (apoptosis).   After the procedure, your body naturally eliminates the fat cells affected during the procedure over the next 3 months.  truSculpt’s RF energy has the added advantage of tightening the skin in the treatment area during the same procedure.  Clinical studies on truSculpt show an average reduction of 24% of the thickness of the fat layer in the treated area with just one treatment.

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CoolSculpting is a revolutionary proven procedure that freezes fat causing permanent elimination through a process called apoptosis.  After your CoolSculpting procedure, your body eliminates the fat cells that froze and died safely and naturally over the next 3 months without surgery or downtime.  Clinical studies have shown CoolSculpting results in a 20% average reduction of the fat layer in the area treated.

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So, what makes this combination so special and how can it help my legs?

Women have different issues that concern them on their legs including the overall size of thighs, loose skin and the appearance of cellulite. Every set of legs is different.  

By using two unique procedures that are proven to reduce fat  truSculpt iD and CoolSculpting as our Fire and Ice 2.0, every part of the thighs can now be treated.   A custom treatment plan for your legs is created based on the areas that are most suitable for treatment with either truSculpt or CoolSculpting.  There are some areas we can not treat with CoolSculpting on the legs that truSculpt iD can reach like the front of the thighs. This results in the best outcomes rather than just relying on one technology especially when you are trying to accomplish several improvements.  


What can you expect if you are a Fire and Ice candidate?

  • Entire Thigh Fat Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Reduction in the Appearance of Cellulite

What’s So Different About Fire & Ice 2.0?  

Until now, Full Thigh Circumferential Reduction and Cellulite Reduction are issues our current technology of CoolSculpting and other RF treatments were challenged to fully treat.  CoolSculpting is intended to treat specific pockets of fat like the inner and outer thighs;  tops and sides of the knees and the banana roll under the butt.  CoolSculpting does a fantastic job reducing fat in these targeted areas.  It’s the rest of the thigh that many women have asked us to treat and reduce that CoolSculpting just isn’t the right procedure to perform to get a great result.  To treat around the thighs, only very few women were actually candidates for this with CoolSculpting.  For the few women with a thicker fat layer around the thighs, we saw some great results with CoolSculpting around the whole thigh.

There were limits with this treatment.  The main one is that not every person that wanted this treatment was a good candidate.  The next was that the CoolSmooth Pro applicators that we use on these flat areas of fat require 75 minutes of treatment time for 2 spots (dual sculpting).  To fully treat the entire thighs, this could take 6 hours or more.

With truSculpt iD, the applicators are smaller but run in a sequence of 6 during a single 15 minute treatment time.  Treating the entire thighs takes between 2 – 3 hours depending on the size of the thighs.  Because truSculpt is RF energy it also tightens skin in the areas treated.  This combination effect of fat reduction and skin tightening can also effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Until now, the best procedure we offered to treat cellulite was another radiofrequency device proven to kill fat cells in the treatment area, tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  However, this procedure required a series of 6 to 8 weekly treatments.  A full thigh treatment with this device was 5 – 7 hours for EACH treatment!  While many women wanted the results from this procedure, they just couldn’t make the time commitment of a half to full day each week fit into their busy life.

truSculpt iD allows you to treat  your entire thighs in a single procedure in less than a half day.  Full results from this treatment happen in 3 months time.  At that point you would be assessed for any additional treatment you would need to get the full results you are looking to achieve. How great is that?

Some women have cellulite which also has a component of the fibrous septae (bands connecting the skin to the muscle underneath) creating divits by pulling down on the skin.  This part of cellulite is not treated by reducing the fat or tightening the skin, but can improve with fat reduction around this area.  Our trained Aesthetic expert providers can determine which procedure or combination of procedures would be right for you to achieve the results you want on your legs.

Being able to treat the entire thigh is one of the most common requests for treatment at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics.  Until truSculpt iD, we just didn’t have the best solution to get the results women wanted to see.  We are so excited about this, we are currently treating 3 staff members thighs so you can see our results!


A customized protocol might be CoolSculpting on the inner & outer thighs along with truSculpt iD on the front & back of legs

Full Thigh Reduction – Cellulite Reduction | Before & After Results


Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary



\Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary



Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary


Arms | Before & After Results

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Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary


Real Patients | Real Results | Individual Results May Vary

If you have areas of stubborn fat on your abdomen along with loose skin, Fire & Ice 2.0 might be a great procedure for you.  Contact us for your complimentary consultation today to find out.  404.872.8578


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