Who Doesn’t Want Skinny Upper Arms?

CoolSculpting Reduces Upper Arm Fat

Every woman wants slender upper arms.  If you are noticing fat on your upper arms, CoolSculpting Arms is the BEST solution to get you the slim, sexy arms you want.

A simple 35 minute CoolSculpting treatment freezes the fat on the upper arms.  FDA cleared CoolSculpting for the upper arms reduces the fat layer by eliminating fat cells.  This gives you long lasting results that only significant weight gain will change.

If you are tired of covering up your arms and instead are ready for short sleeves, strapless and sleeveless tops, CoolSculpting is the right choice for you.  Non-surgical, no injections, needles, surgery, scars or downtime.  A quick procedure with visible results in about a month with full results after 3 months.

If your arms are a concern to you and keep you from showing your bare arms and wearing the clothes you want to wear, Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics can help.

CoolSculpting Arms results are undeniable.  It’s actually one of our very favorite areas to treat with CoolSculpting because the results really make so many women happy with their arms!

During your consultation, our expert staff will share more of our CoolSculpting Arms results with you so you can see for yourself what a difference this procedure can make.

CoolSculpting Arms Results
CoolSculpting Arms Results
Upper Arm Treatment Plan

CoolSculpting Arms Treatment Plan

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics is the FIRST CoolSculpting center in Atlanta to receive the new CoolAdvantage applicators. This new CoolSculpting technology is the ONLY way to get the BEST CoolSculpting results on your arms.

Our expert staff will provide you with a customized treatment plan addressing any concerns you have so you get the results you want. We work with you to achieve the outcome you desire and to give you beautiful results.

It’s all about your results! 

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics is committed to helping you achieve the results  you want to see.

Our expert staff are constantly trained to provide the most comprehensive treatment protocols.   Training includes CoolSculpting University and CoolSculpting Master’s Training to ensure the latest techniques are used to achieve the best results.  In addition to training, our expertise is what sets us apart.  In the last 6 years since we opened our doors, we’ve performed just under 9000 CoolSculpting treatments.  That’s more than any other center in Georgia during the same time.

Our key staff have been here for over 4 years and had CoolSculpting experience before joining our team.  Our clinical manager and owner, Kathy King is a former CoolSculpting trainer herself.  All that experience is just for you and your results!

We have the latest CoolSculpting technology, FDA-cleared to treat upper arms.  While other practices are new to CoolSculpting upper arms, we have performed treatments on this area for the entire six years we’ve been open.

We know the new CoolAdvantage applicators make the procedure more comfortable for you; give a faster treatment time of only 35 minutes and provide smoother more contoured results.  We also have the new CoolAdvantage Petite applicators allowing us to treat shorter areas of upper arm fat with the best CoolSculpting results.

Luxury MedSpa In Buckhead Unlike Any Other

Your procedure will be in your own private, luxury treatment suite with a tree line view of Buckhead.  Your suite is fully appointed with the most comfortable beds, linens and furnishings. Many of our clients say our medical spa is the best spa in Atlanta.

Best Buckhead MedSpa

Your next step is to schedule your personal CoolSculpting consultation with one of the Expert CoolSculpting providers at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics.

We spend time talking to you about the results you want to see.  We measure your arms with the CoolSculpting treatment templates to determine which CoolSculpting applicator gives the full coverage for the best results on your arms.

We develop a treatment plan with you to achieve the results you want to see.  Most times a single treatment is all that is needed to give each woman the slim, sexy arms she wants.   Sometimes additional treatments are needed to get your arms as slender as you want them to be.  The thickness of the fat layer on your arms and your final desired results determine how many treatments are needed.

Don’t worry, Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics has the BEST program for additional treatments on the same area.  We are one of only a few practices across the United States that can say they have pricing so low on additional treatments, we can’t even advertise it.  We’ll tell you during your consultation if you might need additional treatments to get the full reduction you desire.  We’ll also tell you the AMAZING promotional price!  We offer this on any area of the body treated with CoolSculpting at our center.

Once your treatment plan is completed, you can schedule your CoolSculpting Arms treatment as soon as you are available.  We have two dedicated CoolSculpting treatment suites and FOUR CoolSculpting systems.  We perform CoolSculpting treatments all day, every day.  We can usually get your CoolSculpting treatment completed within just a couple of days, depending on your availability.

You could have slimmer arms in just a few weeks and full results within 3 months.  Don’t wait, schedule your CoolSculpting Arms Consultation appointment today by completing the form at the bottom of the page or calling the office at 404-872-8578.