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TruSculpt Cellulite Treatments

New! TruSculpt Cellulite Treatments Get Rid of Cellulite in Alpharetta, GA

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TruSculpt iD Cellulite Reduction in Alpharetta, GA

Anyone who suffers from unsightly cellulite knows that diet and exercise simply have no effect on getting rid of cellulite’s stubborn lumps and bumps. Until recently, in fact, there was virtually nothing you could do to decrease cellulite.

However, a revolutionary new treatment called TruSculpt iD is now available in our Alpharetta area body sculpting spa that actually does improve the lumps and bumps of cellulite. If you’re in the Alpharetta, GA area and are concerned about cellulite, contact Sculpted Contours for a consultation.

TruSculpt iD Cellulite Treatment: Understanding Cellulite

Usually found on the hips, buttocks, or thighs, cellulite is the result of the shortening or lack of stretching of the fibrous connective cords that attach the skin to underlying muscles. Cellulite gives the skin in the affected area a dimpled, lumpy appearance that is sometimes compared to the texture of cottage cheese or an orange peel.

When normal subcutaneous fat pushes against stretched connective tissue, cellulite occurs – pushing through the breaks in the skin’s connective grid and causing a bumpy appearance. While not at all harmful, its unsightly appearance on the body causes many people to want to get rid of cellulite.

While many people hold the misconception that cellulite only affects the overweight, people of every shape and size can experience cellulite. But thanks to TruSculpt iD cellulite treatment, individuals who wish to get rid of cellulite finally have an option.

While a person’s amount of body fat is one of many factors that can cause cellulite, other factors include hormone changes, dehydration, the speed of one’s metabolism, and the thickness and color of one’s skin. Whatever the cause, thanks to TruSculpt iD cellulite treatment, anyone who wishes to do so as a means to getting rid of cellulite.

How TruSculpt iD Cellulite Treatment Gets Rid of Cellulite

The TruSculpt iD cellulite treatment begins by heating to a point that fat cells are permanently eliminated through radiofrequency technology. After exposure to the radiofrequency waves, the body also naturally begins to produce collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of young, healthy, tight skin. The stronger, smoother, tighter skin then keeps the “less” fat from “pushing through” – so there are fewer cellulite ripples and dimples.

OTC Cellulite Treatments Do Not Work!

Creams that contain aminophylline claim to get rid of cellulite, but no scientific evidence exists whatsoever that aminophylline (a drug approved for asthma treatment) is at all effective in getting rid of cellulite. Additionally, for some individuals, aminophylline may not only be ineffective, but harmful with dangerous side effects.

Anyone who wishes to get rid of cellulite should not waste their money on over-the-counter creams, and instead, consider TruSculpt iD cellulite treatment – which has been scientifically proven in clinical studies to yield results that reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

TruSculpt iD Cellulite Treatment is Non-surgical

While it is possible to contour areas of the body affected by cellulite through surgical procedures like liposuction, these procedures will not remove the cellulite itself. People who wish to get rid of cellulite must be particularly cautious when considering liposuction, as the procedure may even make the appearance of cellulite more pronounced.

Because TruSculpt iD cellulite treatment is a non-surgical means of getting rid of cellulite, TruSculpt iD patients face none of the drawbacks or side effects of surgery. TruSculpt iD cellulite treatments require no anesthetic, undergo no incisions, and are subject to no downtime after the procedure.

Where Do You Go In Alpharetta, Ga for TruSculpt iD?

Cellulite can make even a thin, trim person self-conscious about their body, and can undermine their confidence. But thanks to TruSculpt iD cellulite treatments at our Alpharetta, GA body sculpting spa, patients finally have a noninvasive method of getting rid of cellulite – with no downtime whatsoever.

At Sculpted Contours in Alpharetta, GA we are committed to providing a comfortable, positive experience that yields long-lasting cellulite reduction results to all of our patients. Contact us today to schedule a cellulite treatment consultation, and find out how TruSculpt iD can help you get rid of cellulite!



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