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TruSculpt Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment in Alpharetta, GA

TruSculpt Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment in Alpharetta, GA


What Is TruSculpt for Fat Reduction?

TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment is a remarkable all-in-one procedure that not only eliminates unwanted fat but also reduces cellulite and improves the tightness and tone of the skin.

Offering permanent fat loss and no downtime, TruSculpt iD is one of the body sculpting procedures most preferred by our Alpharetta, GA patients. In this article, we answer our patients’ frequently asked questions about TruSculpt Fat Loss Treatment.

How does TruSculpt fat loss work?

TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat subcutaneous (under the skin) deposits of fat, during which the fat cells are destroyed and then naturally removed from the body.

During TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment, precise therapeutic temperatures are applied to adipose tissue below the skin. These large areas of fat are heated using controlled, monopolar radiofrequency energy. This is accomplished while still keeping the skin at a comfortable temperature of roughly 111 °F.

When the fat cells are destroyed by the radiofrequency energy, an inflammatory response is triggered, resulting in both the production of collagen and tissue repair. This means that TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment not only gets rid of fat but also leaves patients with tighter skin, significantly reducing the ability of cellulite to develop.

Does TruSculpt fat loss treatment hurt?

At our Alpharetta, GA practice, our patients almost unanimously describe TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment as being comfortable or mildly uncomfortable, but not painful in any way. Unlike other fat loss treatments on the market, TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment does not involve any form of suction and no freezing – so there is no cramping or numbness during the procedure.

Many patients have compared the sensation of TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment to a hot stone massage; being not only tolerable but actually comfortable.

The heat applied during TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment is slowly, incrementally increased until a comfortable temperature is reached. While higher temperatures will yield greater results, at Sculpted Contours, we make the comfort of our patients a priority and only increase the heat to their individual tolerance level.

Does TruSculpt iD fat loss have side effects?

TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment is nonsurgical, with no incisions. So patients do not face any of the more severe side effects that accompany surgical fat loss procedures like Liposuction, such as scarring or the risk of infection.

Following completion of the TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment, patients may experience some moderate redness, which will generally dissipate after just a few short hours. Patients may also experience some mild edema and tenderness, but this generally never lasts longer than a day.

A few patients may also notice the development of small, superficial nodules or lumps, which can be easily massaged down. In rare cases, minimal swelling or tenderness may persist for up to two weeks, but once the body completes the natural process of eliminating the destroyed fat cells, this will completely subside.

Is there downtime after TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment?

The non-surgical nature of TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment also means that there is no downtime associated with the procedure. Patients are able to resume normal daily activities immediately.

Some TruSculpt iD patients even get this remarkable fat loss treatment on their lunch hour and return to work the same day as their treatment.

How much fat loss can you get with TruSculpt iD?

A clinical study conducted by Northwestern University Medical School determined that TruSculpt iD patients underwent fat loss of up to 34% following their procedure, with patients experiencing an average of 24% fat loss in the treated area. Learn More About TruSculpt iD Results.

TruSculpt Fat Loss Treatments in Alpharetta, GA

Non-invasive and with no downtime, TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment is the perfect option for individuals who not only wish to lose fat but also desire to tighten their skin. Contact Sculpted Contours in Alpharetta, GA for a consultation, and see how TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment can help you reach your desired fat loss goals.




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