We all hope that you and your family are doing well and in good health and spirits as we transition out of the “stay-at-home” era and move into a “new normal”.  

We have all been through a lot during this time.  I never thought I would see a world-wide health pandemic in my lifetime like the one we are experiencing.  

I know I am looking forward to resuming some old habits and activities that will make life feel a little bit more normal, even as the pandemic still is part of our daily lives…for a while longer, but not forever!  

A lot has changed in the last 2 months since we closed our doors, but one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety and health.  We have always followed protocols and processes in the office to ensure infection control was a top priority.

Normally, the procedures we do and the clients we serve have minimal chance for viral or infection transmission between patients and our staff.  However, these new times are changing a lot of what we do, ensuring even more we protect you in every way possible.

We have always followed CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as well as AMA (American Medical Association) guidelines for infection control processes in a doctor’s office.  During this unprecedented time, CDC and OSHA have implemented new guidelines and processes related to controlling infections and community spread of this novel Corona Virus.

Guidelines vary depending on the type of facility and in the case of medical facilities, the types of procedures performed.  We are implementing every recommendation for our facility type and more!

We are doing EVERYTHING we can to protect you and our staff. 

What can you expect on your next visit with us:

  • No visitors to our office without an appointment.  Do not bring a friend, spouse or children with you to your appointment, they will not be allowed in the office but will need to wait in the car outside the building to minimize the number of people in the office and maintain our ability to provide a minimum of 6 feet between all individuals.  (Obviously, children should not be left in a car outside or alone. Please, leave them at home or find a trusted babysitter to care for them during your appointment.)
  • We will have strict hand washing and hand sanitizing protocols for you to follow (we already do this ourselves, but will increasing our own staff processes too!)
  • We will ask you to wear disposable shoe covers before you enter our office.  These will be provided for you once you arrive.  
  • You MUST WEAR A PROTECTIVE FACE COVERING the entire time you are in our office. These WILL NOT be provided for you, you must wear your own and put this on before entering our office.  
  • We will be checking your temperature when you arrive and doing a health screening questionnaire with each person before allowing you into the office.  
  • Appointments will be limited to ensure that we have only one person checking in or out at our front desk and no one waiting in the lobby.  We will also be required to have more time between appointments to allow for a more stringent cleaning process in the rooms than ever before.  
  • Our front door will be locked so we can control the process of entering and leaving the office.  All new arrivals will go through a screening process, hand sanitizing and shoe covers before entering the office.  
  • Our office sanitization processes have always included a full cleaning of procedure rooms and all equipment with CDC approved disinfecting products that are proven to kill bacteria and viruses in a healthcare environment.  We have always used the same products that are used in hospital rooms and operating rooms.  Cleaning of our rooms and equipment will now include a more thorough cleaning of every part of every room and every single device or piece of equipment.  
  • We have something coming that will also provide a more thorough sterilization of the procedure rooms and air.  More details to follow on this later.  
  • Our staff will all be wearing protective face and eye coverings, as well as gloves and gowns during procedures when we have no way to be more than 6 feet away from you.   We are sorry you won’t be able to see our smiling faces, but we are doing this all to protect you.  

We will be Re-Opening On May 11th

We are still waiting on a few items that were ordered to ensure we are protecting everyone in the best way possible.  By early next week, we will start contacting everyone to schedule appointments.

Appointment Scheduling will be prioritized by the following criteria:

  • First options to those people that had appointments scheduled with us already during the time we were closed.
  • Second options are given to those people that are due for follow up appointments based on treatments performed prior to our closing and those that have a series of treatments that was delayed or procedures they have previously paid for but unable to schedule while we were closed.
  • Third options are given to those people that contacted us for a new appointment during the time we were closed.

We should be able to clear through this list very quickly, even with our limited schedule when we first re-open.  If you fall into any of these categories, we will be contacting you in the next 10 days to get you back on the schedule.

If you are interested in one of our earliest appointments, complete a consult request form.  You can also just reply back to this email if you are already one of our clients that’s been in for a procedure or a consultation before.  New clients, please complete the online consult request form.

For anyone that had a discount due to them from a procedure follow up, don’t worry those will be honored.  You will have 30 days once we re-open to schedule any follow up and an additional 15 days to schedule your appointment or pay to keep the higher discounts.

We are already beginning to hear from our vendors that they will be supporting us as we re-open for business by offering some really great discounts.  So stay tuned as we hear more, we’ll be passing all that on to you!  

Everyone continue being safe and protecting yourself and know we will be back soon and can’t wait to see you again!