TruSculpt FLEX is the newest technology to tone, strengthen and build muscle – without exercise! TruSculpt FLEX is FDA cleared to build muscle in the abs, buttocks, thighs and legs, with personalized treatments that are effective for both men and women of all fitness levels.

Sculpted Contours in Atlanta, GA is proud to have been selected to be one of the first and only providers of TruSculpt FLEX to build muscle in the entire U.S.

How TruSculpt FLEX Builds Muscle

With TruSculpt FLEX, as many as 8 muscle groups can be treated at once, allowing for patients to build muscle without exercising or working out. Clinical studies have proven that TruSculpt FLEX results in an average 30% increase of muscle mass.

TruSculpt FLEX builds muscle through a series of treatment modes designed to replicate the effects of different workouts, including squats, crunches, and intensified twists. Direct electrical stimulation to the muscles causes deep muscle contractions at high intensity – at a rate of thousands of contractions per minute.

These contractions build muscle in the same way that sit-ups or crunches do – in essence “doing the exercise for you” at an exponentially accelerated rate, that you could never achieve in the gym.

Areas of the Body Where TruSculpt FLEX Can Build Muscle

A single session of TruSculpt FLEX in our Atlanta office uses three modes of muscle contractions to build muscle: Prep, Tone, and Sculpt. As a result TruSculpt FLEX patients receive tightened, toned abs that they simply would not be able to achieve on their own. In addition to helping patients build muscle, TruSculpt FLEX also improves posture, strengthens the core, and can even reduce back pain.

Through TruSculpt FLEX, patients can also rapidly build muscles in their legs and tighten their thighs using TruSculpt FLEX’s ability to replicate the effects of workouts designed to extend the thigh’s muscle group. Since strong legs play a major factor in a person’s endurance and ability to burn fat, TruSculpt FLEX patients are given advantages they would otherwise never be able to attain without this incredible treatment.

Who Can Build Muscle with TruSculpt ID

Regardless of one’s level of fitness, TruSculpt FLEX can help almost anyone build muscle. Thanks to various workout modes – with the ability to adjust intensity – the TruSculpt FLEX treatment can be customized to best suit the body type and fitness goals of all of our Atlanta patients.

And, just like a traditional workout, the level of intensity a patient can handle will only continue to increase as they build more muscle through their TruSculpt FLEX treatment plan.

For anyone struggling to fit a regular workout routine into their already-hectic lives, or who have lost the ability to work out while recovering from an injury, TruSculpt FLEX is a perfect solution.

TruSculpt FLEX is also a great way to add an extra push to the workouts of people who already exercise regularly, but have yet to achieve their desired results.

In other words, using TruSculpt FLEX, one’s personal workout routine can be supplemented, jump-started, or even replaced completely.

At Sculpted Contours, our expert staff works with each patient to develop a custom TruSculpt FLEX treatment plan – to meet the individual muscle building goals of all of our Atlanta patients, regardless of where they are on their journey to build muscle.

Unlike other muscle building technology, TruSculpt FLEX features the exclusive Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology, which allows for three treatment options to be delivered in a single session. The MDS technology is able to replicate intensified crunches, twisting motions, and squats, using low levels of energy to achieve high-intensity muscle contractions.

Why Build Muscle with TruSculpt ID

Safe and effective, TruSculpt FLEX builds muscle with no exercise and requires no downtime on the part of the patient. And best of all, the muscle tone and contour of TruSculpt FLEX patients continues to improve for weeks after treatment, with many patients at our Atlanta, GA practice reporting results that continue to improve for months to come!

Build Muscle with TruSculpt FLEX – Atlanta, GA

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the TruSculpt FLEX muscle building technology is its ability to simultaneously treat up to 8 muscle groups. A single TruSculpt FLEX appointment in our Atlanta spa provides our patients with a workout that would be impossible in a gym. By delivering an electrical current through specific groups of muscles, the proprietary MDS technology provides patients with an unprecedented means to build muscle without exercise. 

TruSculpt FLEX is an incredible procedure that truly revolutionizes what it means to build muscle. If you are in the Atlanta, GA area and want to learn more about how TruSculpt FLEX can help you build muscle, contact Sculpted Contours today for a consultation.

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