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Same Beach……Different Body

Best Coolsculpting in Atlanta

Are you ready for summer? Ready for Shorts, Short sleeve or Sleeveless shirts, Swimsuits? Ready or not, here it comes! As Spring starts to turn the weather warmer and cause all the trees and flowers to blossom, there’s one thing other than Allergy Season that should come to mind……Body Sculpting!  Winter months with cold weather […]

Are You A Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

So you’ve been thinking about CoolSculpting to get rid of those areas of stubborn fat that just aren’t going away.  You’ve read all about it, watched a few videos and even talked to a friend or two that had the procedure themselves.  You just aren’t sure yet whether you are a good candidate or not.  […]

We’ve got you uncovered. 2017 new procedures to get you summer ready

We've got you covered

Are You Summer Ready? In Atlanta, winter ends and within weeks it’s warm enough for shorts and short sleeves. By Memorial Day pools are open and boats are out on all the city’s lakes. Yes, that means swim suits! Each year spring and summer bring cringes for many men and women as they put on […]

Summer ready by Memorial Day


It’s Time Atlanta…Warmer Weather arrives this week! Spring is HERE! Well, almost….soon the warm days and cool nights will bring buds on the trees, green grass, beautiful flowers and POLLEN.  We all know that’s coming.  It’s a small price to pay for the beautiful Spring season Atlanta has.  Even for those of us with allergies, […]

I remember 2015 like it was yesterday


As we all enter a brand new year today, it’s a great chance to look ahead, dream big and set your aspirations for having your best year yet.  The year begins for everyone with resolutions to make this year better than the one before.  Our hopes are high and our determination to succeed is even […]