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What Is Ultherapy? Sculpted Contours Expert Shares Alpharetta, GA




Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the skin. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to both visualize and create thermal coagulation points (TCP’s) deep within the skin layers. These TCP’s are tiny micro-injuries that as they heal produce more collagen and elastin throughout the skin. More collagen equals more youthful appearing and behaving skin.

There is no magic with Ultherapy, it is proven, FDA cleared medical procedure that when performed by a qualified and trained Ultherapy provider produces incredible results. All without surgery or downtime.

Does Ultherapy Work?

The results of Ultherapy in lifting and tightening the skin on the face, neck, and chest are proven through numerous clinical studies. With almost 10 years of clinical experience with this procedure, the protocols and techniques have evolved over time. Make sure you choose an expert provider that continues to learn all the newest techniques with Ultherapy to get the very best results.

The deep layers of the skin are filled with collagen when we are younger. As we age, this collagen in the skin slows its replenishment rate and results in thinner skin and more wrinkles. An Ultherapy provider with advanced training is able to visualize the layers of the skin and target the collagen specifically with the Ultherapy treatment. This precision targeting produces the greatest effect on the amount of new collagen formation. Results vary depending on the person performing your procedure and the amount of training and experience they have. Trust your results to the expert team of Ultherapy providers at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics.

How Long Does Ultherapy Last?

Ultherapy works in the deep layers of the skin to increase new collagen formation. This replaces old, broken, weak collagen bands with brand new, strong and elastic collagen. This results in a lifting and tightening effect on any area treated. The longevity of that effect is based on your own collagen replenishment rate at the time of your procedure. The older we are, the slower our collagen replenishment rate.

Collagen naturally breaks down in the skin and is replaced by new collagen regularly. As we age this replacement process slows down. Skin cell turn-over rate slows down. Skin becomes thinner and crepiness and wrinkling appear. This is the natural aging process. Ultherapy boosts new collagen formation beginning immediately after your procedure and lasting typically for 3 to 6 months until you see your full Ultherapy results.

After that collagen-building phase, your body’s natural process of breaking down and replenishing the old collagen with new starts again. The older you are the slower this process is and the faster your skin will age. To prolong the results from your Ultherapy procedure, consider a quarterly or bi-annual procedure like microneedling, or RF skin tightening that will once again boost your collagen production and enhance your Ultherapy results.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Ultherapy?

The most common areas treated with Ultherapy are the face, neck, and decollete’ (chest) where visible crepiness and wrinkles really begin to show our age. These areas are all FDA-Cleared for Ultherapy with multiple clinical studies proving it’s both safe and effective at lifting and tightening the skin. The face includes the brow lift, around the eyes, even around the mouth, and of course the cheeks and jowls. All these areas are excellent places to have an Ultherapy procedure.

Some practices are treating other areas of the body. They are doing so based on the science and how Ultherapy works to produce collagen. We have found that other areas especially on the body don’t respond as well to Ultherapy as the face, neck, and chest. So we offer other procedures in those areas instead of Ultherapy.

If you are ready to see a more youthful appearance of your skin in the mirror, Ultherapy could be right for you. Only a consultation with one of our expert Ultherapy providers can determine if this is right for you and will give you the results you are looking for.

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