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Unleash Your Best Body: Why TruSculpt Flex is the Ultimate Muscle Toning Solution

TruSculpt FLEX to the rescue!

So, you’re ready for some muscle tone and definition? Workouts aren’t getting you where you want to be? Looking for a solution to help you build muscle, tone, tighten and improve your definition?

Unleash Your Best Body: Why TruSculpt Flex in Atlanta, GA is the Ultimate Muscle Toning Solution - Sculpted Contours Blog

What is TruSculpt Flex?

Many people have heard of or even tried muscle stimulation devices to get more muscle.
These devices sold online are low voltage electrical current that are supposed to stimulate muscle contractions, just like a workout would. Most are too weak to do much other than cause stimulation of nerves in your skin and a few mild muscle contractions on smaller muscles.

Why is TruSculpt FLEX for muscle building different? First, it was designed from a device used in physical therapy settings to increase muscle or prevent muscle loss when recovering from some injury. The device is more powerful than what you can buy online BY FAR!

The device has a total of 4 handpieces to use for each muscle group being treated. This configuration gives more contractions and allows for different types of muscle movements during the treatment. Think of crunches vs. leg raises vs. Russian twists for working out different abdominal muscles.

The device can also treat multiple muscle groups at the same time. With a total of 16
handpieces, that’s the left and right side of 2 full muscle groups being treated all within a 45-minute EXTREME workout.

Count Your Crunches By The Thousands!

One single 45-minute procedure is the equivalent of 54,000 crunches! Take that weak abs! Now add that to the other body parts that TruSculpt FLEX can treat, and you have a total body workout like no other.

TruSculpt FLEX your abs! When we target the abdominal muscles, we also include the obliques at the same time, and this is considered just one body part. It’s a full-core workout in 45 minutes.

TruSculpt FLEX of Glutes is treated to lift and tighten the derriere’. 54,000 squats or other glute toning exercises in 45 minutes’ time!

TruSculpt FLEX can treat the thighs, both hamstrings and quads can be treated to get you the shapely, defined legs you really want.

When treating the arms with TruSculpt FLEX both the biceps and triceps can be treated as one body part giving you definition on both the front and that HARD to define triceps back of the arm.

We even treat the calves with TruSculpt FLEX! Defined muscular lower legs can be achieved with TruSculpt FLEX too.

With MMS technology, the TruSculpt FLEX system rotates between exercises during each 45-minute treatment. Just like going to the gym, you would do several different exercises for each muscle group you are working out. The system rotates between long hold contractions (think Pilates), to fast burst contractions (like a high-intensity fat burning class) to twisting and tightening the muscles all with you in one position. The TruSculpt FLEX technology does it all for you to get the greatest muscle sculpting workout with the best TruSculpt FLEX results.

There are also 3 modes PREP, TONE, AND SCULPT with each TruSculpt FLEX treatment. These are 3 modes we can set based on your current fitness level, shape, and goals.

PREP MODE stretches and twists muscles like doing warm-up exercises. Each treatment begins with PREP warming up your muscles and readying them for an intense workout. For people who NEVER workout, we can set the first treatment to PREP only giving them time to acclimate to a more strenuous workout with subsequent procedures. You’ll still get some time in Tone mode to start building strength and endurance too.

TONE MODE produces more long contractions that build endurance and strength. Think about Pilates and yoga or lift and hold exercises. This mode starts with a quick warm-up, moves to a long session of toning exercises that build endurance and strength, and then has a short 15-minute session at the end of SCULPT Mode to build muscle mass.

SCULPT MODE is the mode to sculpt and build muscle mass. These are fast contractions that change rapidly to produce muscle confusion and cause muscle fibers to contract the greatest. This mode begins with a quick warm-up in PREP, moves to TONE mode to get the muscles really warmed up and working out hard then the final 30 minutes is in SCULPT mode with fast, hard contractions intended to build muscles.

With these 3 modes, TruSculpt FLEX is a treatment for anyone from those just getting back into a regular workout routine to someone that works out hard all the time. Add to that intensity settings from 0% to 100% and the TruSculpt FLEX treatment is truly customized to each individual for optimum results.

How many TruSculpt FLEX treatments are typically needed?

A series of TruSculpt FLEX begins with 4 to 6 treatments scheduled two to five days apart. Just like going to the gym, the more you do the greater the results. The more often you have a FLEX treatment, the faster the results will appear. The time interval is determined by your fitness level when you start and your ultimate goal. Are you a fitness buff that works out all the time and just wants to kick in some extra muscle building? Then 4 sessions in 8 days will do that. Are you just getting back into working out after a long time and want to shed fat and build some endurance? Then 6 sessions over 2 to 3 weeks will do that. We work with you to determine the schedule that will best suit your fitness level and goals and then push you through to the highest intensity you can handle with each treatment.

There is no laying back and relaxing with TruSculpt FLEX, our goal is to help you meet your goals and push you to achieve the highest intensity with each session and increasing in intensity levels each time you come in. We are only limited by you saying “Enough, I can’t go any higher”.

TruSculpt ID vs. TruSculpt FLEX, what’s the difference?

Both devices are made by the same company, Cutera. We offer both treatments in our office. Other than those two points, nothing about these procedures is the same.

TruSculpt ID is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to deep heat the fat cells in the treatment area(s) with enough power to cause the fat cells to die and be permanently eliminated from your body. This procedure is for permanent fat reduction in the body and with a single treatment approximately 25% of the fat layer thickness can be reduced.

TruSculpt FLEX is a procedure that uses electrical stimulation to produce strong muscle contractions to strengthen and build muscle. TruSculpt FLEX because it is a workout does cause fat loss by increasing your metabolism to burn more fat. It does not kill fat cells, but fat loss definitely occurs.

Combined these two procedures become TruBody. With this powerful combination, fat cells are permanently eliminated with TruSculpt iD and then muscles are worked out increasing fat metabolism and muscle definition. The final result within 3 months of starting your series is a slimmer, defined, sculpted, and contoured body.

What is the Cost of TruSculpt Flex?

TruSculpt FLEX pricing is based on the number of treatments in your series and how many body parts you want to treat and purchase at the same time. Each 45-minute session can treat up to 2 body parts and you can treat another 2 body parts by doing two back-to-back sessions on the same day. A single session of 1 area is $350. Packages of 4 are discounted by 10%; Packages of 6 are discounted by 15%.

Maintenance packages are discounted even more with up to 25% off. Add in more body areas at the same time and the treatment price per area is as low as $200 per treatment.

Does TruSculpt FLEX work?

Yes! Muscle definition and strength are something you can tell even after just a couple of treatments. Depending on the areas you are treating and your beginning fitness level and how much of a fat layer is covering your muscles, you may or may not see true muscle definition.

But you will feel stronger and with tighter and more toned muscles. Many people notice a the difference after just 2 sessions, but to get results, you’ll need at least 4 sessions depending on your fitness level when you start.

How long do the results from TruSculpt FLEX last?

Just like going to the gym, one treatment or even a series of treatments won’t produce muscle mass that lasts forever without maintenance.

Maintenance can mean additional FLEX treatments or getting yourself to the gym on a regular basis to continue to work out and develop muscles.

You can go to the gym during your TruSculpt FLEX procedure series, but we ask that you limit working out the same body parts as your FLEX treatment. You don’t want to limit the intensity we are able to achieve with your FLEX treatment because you did a hard work out just before and have sore muscles. Trust us when we tell you that 54,000 repetitions of various exercises will be more than enough! You can jump back into your regular workout routine as soon as your series ends.

Want to see some TruSculpt FLEX before and after photos?

Nothing says results like before and after photos. Every body is different and everyone’s goals are different but check out these TruSculpt FLEX results to imagine what this procedure can do for you.

Ready to get FLEX? Schedule your consultation appointment with us today to see how adding TruSculpt FLEX to your workout routine can get you Sculpted, Contoured, and Summer Ready!

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