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At Sculpted Contours, we know that you have a choice and we appreciate you choosing us for your Body Sculpting and Facial Rejuvenation Procedures. We want to reward you for your loyalty to our practice. As you do more and more procedures with us, your level of continuous discounts goes up.  

You are automatically enrolled just by coming to our practice and purchasing procedures and skin care products. We will keep track of your total purchases for you on your account.  


Every purchase you make counts towards your rewards.  Once you reach a total of $15,000 in purchases over any amount of time, you automatically receive discounts off any future purchase.  The higher your total purchases, the higher the discount becomes.


Redeeming Your Rewards is EASY! 

Every purchase you make for any procedure or any skin care product receives the level of discount you’ve qualified for from your previous purchases. 

This cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts, but any day, any time, any procedure or skin care product you purchase will qualify for your Loyalty Rewards discount.  


  • Total Purchase Accumulation are calculated after procedures are performed or check-out is complete for product purchases.
  • Purchase Total cannot be used the same day as they are rewarded on the same procedures.
  • Purchase total does not include sales tax on products only the retail price of the products before taxes are applied.
  • Any product returns will have purchase total deducted that were added based on the product purchase price.
  • Discount Cannot be Used for Surgery Procedures performed by a Physician. 
  • Discounts cannot be transferred between clients. These are for use only by the person accumulating the purchase total on their own account.
  • Loyalty Reward Program terms subject to change at any time without prior notices.

Loyalty Rewards Levels

Bronze Level       $15,000 Total Purchases      5% off All Future Purchases

Silver Level          $20,000 Total Purchases     10% off All Future Purchases

Gold Level           $25,000 Total Purchases     15% off All Future Purchases

Platinum Level   $30,000 Total Purchases     20% off All Future Purchases

Ruby Level          $35,000 Total Purchases     25% off All Future Purchases

Sapphire Level   $40,000 Total Purchases     30% off All Future Purchases

Emerald Level    $45,000 Total Purchases     35% off All Future Purchases

Diamond Level   $50,0000 Total Purchases  40% off All Future Purchases

We are here for a lifetime and so are your accumulated purchases.