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Whether it’s too big, too small, too flat or starting to sag; we all want that perfect backside that turns heads

Exercise DVD’s that focus on the “BOOTY” are abundant. However, the time to devote to exercise is limited. And, even with all the time in the world to devote to working out, it can be hard to achieve the results for a great derrière.

How do you lift, tighten, reduce, and contour your derrière?

What do you do when all that exercise focused on your booty just isn’t enough to get the results you want?

Sculpted Contours has safe, effective solutions for you.

Reducing fat at the bottom or sides of your derrière can be accomplished with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting gives you a more contoured butt by eliminating extra areas of stubborn fat by freezing them away.

Over time the skin around the butt and upper legs becomes less tone and tight. Cellulite is a big concern for most women.  We have some amazing non-invasive energy based procedures to address Cellulite and help smooth your legs.  Lifting and tightening with an Ultherapy Butt Lift adds definition and tone to the skin below and around the butt. With Ultherapy, the deepest layers of the skin are targeted with Ultrasound resulting in tighter UPLIFTED skin in any area that is treated.

Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics is proud to offer a full range of Derriere procedures to smooth, tighten and lift.

Some people need and want more volume to their butt.  This is accomplished by transferring your own fat from other parts of your body into your butt.  Gluteal Augmentation with fat transfer is sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL.  Our Medical Director, Stefan Adair, MD is a Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in fat transfer to increase the size and improve the shape of the butt.  For information on this procedure, visit his website page Gluteal Augmentation by Dr. Adair.


If a lift, contour, smooth or reduction is what you need for your greatest asset, non-invasive procedures at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics could be just what you need.  See our procedures below.

You deserve it

Your procedure will be in your own private, luxury treatment room with a treeline view of Buckhead fully appointed with the most comfortable beds and furnishings. Many of our clients say our medical spa is the best spa in Atlanta.

Sculpted Contours is committed to helping you achieve the results you want to see.  While not all desired results are attainable, once we discuss your desired outcome in your consultation and agree upon the expected outcome, we deliver.  Our expert staff are constantly trained to provide the most comprehensive treatment protocols.   We are so confident in our expertise, we back it up with a Contour Commitment, our guarantee to you that your results will be what we agreed upon.  Come in for your personal consultation and we’ll tell you all about our Contour Commitment and how Sculpted Contours can help you achieve your goals.



  • $ 100 / MO
  • This fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared, *non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat

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  • SmoothShapes
  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • Treats cellulite and subcutaneous fat by combining dynamic light and laser energy along with mechanical manipulation

  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • Stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results on larger areas

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  • Body FX
  • $ 100 / MO
  • Advanced Body Contouring with apoptosis (Fat Death), contraction and cellulite improvements targeteting problematic fatty tissues

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