We also are in the Top 40 CoolSculpting Centers in the Nation out of over 6000 Centers that perform CoolSculpting Procedures.

What does this mean to you?

Crystal designation is awarded by Zeltiq Aesthetics, the company that manufactures and sells CoolSculpting systems and the treatment cards to every CoolSculpting practice in the world. Each level is awarded to high volume CoolSculpting practices based on the number of treatments performed in the prior 3 months. Each practice’s designation is updated each quarter of the year.

There are 4 levels of distinction as shown on the main CoolSculpting website so you can see for yourself when deciding which practice has the most experience to perform YOUR CoolSculpting procedure.

No designation means the office has performed less than 75 treatments in the past 3 months. That is less than 25 treatments per month or about 1 per day or even less.

Crystal Level designation means the office has performed at least 75 treatments but less than 200 treatments in 3 months. Those offices perform anywhere between 1 and 3 treatments on average per day each day.

Preferred Crystal Level means the office has performed at least 200 treatments but less than 400 treatments in the last 3 months. Those offices are averaging 3 to 6 CoolSculpting treatments each day of the week.

Premier Crystal Level means the office has performed at least 400 treatments but less than 800 treatments in the last 3 months. Offices at the Premier level perform 6 to 12 CoolSculpting treatments each day.

Diamond Crystal Level the highest designation that CoolSculpting gives to any practice. The practices that achieve Diamond level performed at least 800 procedures in the last 3 months. That is on average over 250 procedures each month. There are only a handful of Diamond Crystal Level Practices in the United States.

In Atlanta and in Georgia, Sculpted Contours is the ONLY Diamond level CoolSculpting provider performing all procedures in a single location.

Our designation as a top level CoolSculpting provider isn’t new, we have achieved high Crystal level ratings almost every quarter since we opened in 2014. In the 3rd Quarter of 2016, we grew to DIAMOND level distinction and we are so proud to have achieved it. We consistently perform a high number of CoolSculpting procedures each day and that experience shows in the CoolSculpting results our clients get.

When choosing your CoolSculpting treatment center, check to see what Crystal Level they currently have achieved and then ask what their history has been since they started performing CoolSculpting treatments. The best place to go is the one with the most experience performing CoolSculpting treatments, not only for the last 3 months but over the last few years.

Sculpted Contours is proud to share our Crystal level experience to show how much CoolSculpting we perform. Ask to see our numbers when you come in for your consultation, we will happily share them with you because we are PROUD to say we are Atlanta’s Premier CoolSculpting practice over and over again.

We opened in October 2014 and since then have maintained our Crystal level distinction and continued to grow each quarter. We have 2 dedicated CoolSculpting treatment Suites and perform CoolSculpting all day, every day in both of those. We perform over 100 CoolSculpting treatments each month consistently with many months exceeding 200 treatments. 

We are most excited about our latest update from Zeltiq!Sculpted Contours is in the top 40 Practices in the Nation out of over 6000 practices that perform CoolSculpting. This means you can TRUST the experts here for your CoolSculpting. We even have a former CoolSculpting Trainer leading our team! No other practice in the Southeast has that level of expertise on CoolSculpting.