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Are you starting to see noticeable signs of aging due to sun damage on your face or neck? Do you have dark spots that can’t be covered with make-up? Are you beginning to see larger pores and dull skin? It’s not too late to start correcting the visible signs of damage and aging. Our expert staff have helped hundreds of clients using the best non-invasive energy based procedures turning back the hands of time. The time is now to let us help you too.

Many men and women suffer from wrinkled, saggy skin caused by genetics, age, diet, the sun, and other environmental effects. Sculpted Contours offers a variety of the most advanced non-invasive procedures to tighten and tone crepey skin.  Our skin tightening procedures can make a big change in most every area of your body! Our Experts can help to identify which technology is right for your face and neck.


Lift and Tightens Crepey Skin
No Needles, No Surgery, Little to No Downtime
Treatments can be performed in-office, typically in 1 hour or less
Get back to your busy Life | Results in as little as 90 Days

There are so many procedures on the market.  It is very hard to decide which is the best.  Sculpted Contours has the most innovative procedures and our experts can help you with the one that is right for you.  We have something for everyone!



#1 Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment in the world.  Permanently eliminates fat cells through a controlled cooling (freezing) process. A single procedure is proven to reduce the fat layer by approximately 20% within 4 months after treatment.

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TruSculpt iD in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

The highest energy RadioFrequency (RF) device proven to eliminate fat cells permanently with the added benefit of skin tightening all in a single procedure.  A unique rotational energy delivery ensures treatments are comfortable for clients.

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Small focal size RadioFrequency energy fat reduction procedure reduces fat layer thickness by using high energy RF with manual control of placement into small areas.

A series of 6 to 8 weekly treatments.

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