As we all enter a brand new year today, it’s a great chance to look ahead, dream big and set your aspirations for having your best year yet.  The year begins for everyone with resolutions to make this year better than the one before.  Our hopes are high and our determination to succeed is even higher.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!!

But what about 2015?  How did you do?  Those goals and aspirations you set on January 1, 2015 were supposed to be the driving force to make 2015 a GREAT year.

Looking back shouldn’t mean trying to remember what you wanted to do 365 days ago.  You shouldn’t have to go look for that piece of paper you wrote down those New Year’s resolutions on and see if you just “happened” to make any of them reality.

That’s living your life by chance, writing something down and then putting it away and waiting to see if it happens.  To move towards what you WANT out of life, you need to focus on what will get you there and as the Nike’ slogan says “JUST DO IT”.

As we all embark on another 365 day journey on this earth rotating around the sun with us onboard, it’s time to consider what the next year will bring.  To do that, an easy way to start is looking at what happened last  year.

Did you achieve what you set out to?

Did you try? I mean really try?

Were there things that got in the way that were literally out of your control?  How did you handle that?  Are you proud of yourself for facing adversity and doing your best in spite of it?

This year, instead of writing down those resolutions and putting them away let’s create a plan that moves us forward every day one step closer.  That means 7 steps closer every week and by the end of the year we are 365 steps closer to our goals than we are today.

What is  your plan for 2016?  Do you know what it will take to get you there?  Having a plan lets you face adversity, deal with the changes it brings and find your way back on track to  your goals rather than forgetting what the goal was to begin with.

Nothing but a big lottery win happens overnight.  Even then, you have to buy a ticket to make that happen.  That is part of your PLAN to win the lottery.

My wish for each one of you is that you win the lottery (if that’s your wish too).  Even if you do win the lottery, you have to plan on what’s next….how do you EVER spend all that money?  Better  yet, how do you NOT spend all that money and use it to create the life you want for yourself that lasts the rest of your life? That takes planning first and execution next.

There are a lot of penniless lottery winners that wish they had a better plan when they had all the money.

While not all resolutions revolve around finances, every one will benefit from a plan to make it happen.

Spend more time with family is always a big one on many people’s lists.  To do that means you have to spend less time doing something else.  Unless you win the lottery, giving up your job isn’t a choice most people have.  So how will you find time in your busy days to spend more of it with your family?  You have to decide what’s most important to you and what you can give up to find more time.  You won’t get more hours in the day so something has to change.

Focus on health is another big one.  That means a lot of different things and that depends on where you are now.  It means that something has to change, is it your diet?  Eat healthier food?  Eat less food?  Eat more food? (yes there are some people that need to make that decision too).

Health can include decreasing stress, increasing exercising, changing eating habits, or all of those things.  Only YOU can decide what plans you can create for yourself that will get you to that goal one step at a time.  Health doesn’t appear overnight, but no matter where you begin, you can take steps to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier body

No matter what your resolutions are for 2016, I hope you achieve each one this year. Even if you don’t, I hope you have a plan that keeps you on track and shows you how to get where you want and you find yourself at the end of the year MANY steps ahead of where you are today on that path.

As we start a new year, let’s all stop and celebrate the steps you made last year towards your goals and celebrate ourselves for the progress we made.  Pat yourself on the back!  You did it!  You made it through 2015 and are now entering another year of your life.  Every day, we have a new set of chances to make things happen in our lives.

January 1st is a day of high hopes, determination and resolution to make this year GREAT!  My hopes for myself, my family, my friends and all of you are that your hopes, determination and resolution stay as high all year long as they are today.

Here’s to the best year of your life!   Welcome to 2016!


What is your plan for 2016? Do you know what it will take to get you there? Having a plan lets you face adversity, deal with the changes it brings and find your way back on track to your goals rather than forgetting what the goal was to begin with.