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CoolSculpting Vs. TruSculpt

CoolSculpting vs. TruSculpt Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting Vs. TruSculpt So you are considering a non-invasive fat reduction procedure and want to know the difference in what’s available.  What procedure would be right for you? Having more than one option to reduce fat is the best option to get the best result.  Not everyone has the same fat or body shape or […]

TruSculpt Fat Loss Treatment FAQs

TruSculpt Fat Loss Treatments – Atlanta, GA What Is TruSculpt for Fat Reduction? TruSculpt iD fat loss treatment is a remarkable all-in-one procedure that not only eliminates unwanted fat, but also reduces cellulite and improves the tightness and tone of skin. Offering permanent fat loss and no downtime, TruSculpt iD is one of the body […]

Which Fat Loss Treatment is Best in Atlanta?


What Are The Best Fat Loss Treatments Available?   Our Atlanta patients who are interested in losing inches often ask us which fat loss treatment is best.  Since every person’s body has its own unique needs, no single fat loss procedure can accurately be called “the best” for everyone. Fortunately, at Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical […]